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spicy, spicy progress

Steadily working on The Dragon. I’ve continued to get lots of interesting ideas for the rest of the series, refining my plans for the long term. Oh, the places we’ll go. I have to admit, I had for awhile been concerned about The Dragon, worried that perhaps it wouldn’t live up to the really cruel … Continue reading



Plotwerks continued

I’m not going to lie, I think book two is going to be pretty awesome. I’m pushing forward with plot notes for book 2 (DRAGON), while I wait for my gamma readers to get back to me with notes for final edits on THIEF. I’m not being very patient about those, actually. >_< I haven’t … Continue reading


Day 3

Today’s word count: 4179 Wrote a little over 1700 last night, which is not as high as I’d like, but still good. And content is now spawning its own content, which is even better. The material that Tailor promised would yield a chapter has become two, the other half being given over to Camille’s custody, … Continue reading


Day 2

Word count as of this morning: 2398 This is extra good. The official recommended daily word count is 1667, and my personal goal is 2000 a day, in the interest of trying to stay ahead. It makes me happy that on this first day, at least, I got in a solid head start. I’ve already … Continue reading