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spicy, spicy progress

Steadily working on The Dragon. I’ve continued to get lots of interesting ideas for the rest of the series, refining my plans for the long term. Oh, the places we’ll go.

I have to admit, I had for awhile been concerned about The Dragon, worried that perhaps it wouldn’t live up to the really cruel cliffhanger I left you with at the end of The Thief. (Muahaha.) I am pleased to state that those fears have been abated, and am now merely worried about how I’m going to fit all this crap into one book. Which is the best problem to have. I had that problem with The Thief, and look how that turned out.

…really well. It worked out really well. Don’t give me that look.

The trick with this one is going to be balancing my narrator’s chapters, such that the issues each of them deal with sort of weave right into one another. Mac and Amity really have very similar struggles in this book, but their reactions are very different, and I like the juxtaposition of those things. The things on Tailor’s plate are, admittedly, fairly different, but I feel those things are important to flesh out in the interest of the series at large. And then I may have the odd chapter from the likes of say, Camille. Or Rhys. (Whoa, ok, that was a loud cheer just now. Settle down, folks.)

“But Aine,” you may ask, “what about Jul? Wasn’t she basically the main character?”

What about her indeed. To answer that, old bean, would be a spoiler. On fire. Coated in habaneros and peppercorns and set ablaze. And I simply couldn’t do that to you. *twirls fake mustache*


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