Plotwerks continued

I’m not going to lie, I think book two is going to be pretty awesome.

I’m pushing forward with plot notes for book 2 (DRAGON), while I wait for my gamma readers to get back to me with notes for final edits on THIEF. I’m not being very patient about those, actually. >_< I haven’t been able to make myself type any actual scenes from DRAGON yet…I seem to be under some kind of prose paralysis. So I’m just going to keep refining plot notes for a few more days and see if some clarity is all I need.

Amity is a new narrator in DRAGON, and her situation is complex enough that I expect I’ll need to work with her quite a bit before I get her voice down. I still have Mac as a narrator, and since he’s the most comfortable voice I’ve ever written in, I can retreat to him when I feel overwhelmed. The third featured narrator will be Tailor, who really needs to learn to lighten up so I’m putting him in some awkward situations right out of the gate…

As with THIEF, I seem to already be cramming quite a lot of stuff into one book, which is sort of how I prefer it. I like a faster pace that doesn’t get too bogged down in lots of paragraphs where a narrator outlines their feelings. I’d rather just have them act on their feelings and keep moving, and let the reader make some assumptions. That can be a difficult line to tread – when to trust that your reader is smart enough to read between the lines, and when to realize you haven’t given them enough lines to read between. But that’s where good beta readers come in. (Or in my case, gamma readers…)

I get to take a trip to Nashville this weekend, and driving always kicks on my idea generator, so who knows what next week will bring?