The Countdown: Formatting

T-minus 24 days. Dude. Final edits are over. WHAT? Yup. That’s a real thing. I start on formatting tonight, getting The Thief all shiny and presentable for every e-book format out there. If you missed it, the prologue is posted over at (!) Chapter 1 will post on Monday, with 2 and 3 coming … Continue reading



audio disassociation

Soundtracks. Amirite? I’m discovering the benefit of buying soundtracks to movies I haven’t seen – because that way, I have no visual association with any of the tracks and I am free to attach any significance I wish. (Or, as in the case of Tron: Legacy, the story is so nonexistent that I am able … Continue reading


Final form

You know what I just realized? I’m totally “pulling a Hojo,” as my brothers are I are fond of saying. It’s a reference to Final Fantasy VII – you fight Hojo in 4 different forms before he finally croaks. I don’t remember when we started referring to bosses with more than 3 forms as “pulling … Continue reading