Day 3

Today’s word count: 4179

Wrote a little over 1700 last night, which is not as high as I’d like, but still good.

And content is now spawning its own content, which is even better. The material that Tailor promised would yield a chapter has become two, the other half being given over to Camille’s custody, which simultaneously has given me the opportunity to step into her shoes again and get Gabriel back onto the page ((yay)). Would you believe I’m actually writing four chapters simultaneously from three different narrators right now? Good thing I’m an inch away from multiple personality disorder.

Best of all, I think I see where all of this is going to tie into my first major plot point. I still have that fear living in the back of my head that I’m going to run out of things to write. It’s not the most logical fear, but it exists nonetheless. So far the best way to staunch it has been to tell myself, “Just write what we’ve got now, we’ll worry about that other stuff later.” This has been my general tactic for all things writing lately. I mean, first draft. Come on. *punches own brain*

Gotta get that whiteboard put up so I can plot with abandon.

The last couple of days I’ve become noticeably more dyslexic, both with typing and speaking. I wonder if this has to do with all the sudden writing, or all the sudden stress at work, or both…?

Rhys still hasn’t said a word. Six chapters, and not a word. The anticipation is killing me.

/cast iPod [A Fine Frenzy – You Picked Me]