chaos pages

The primordial word soup I was talking about a couple posts ago has a name – chaos pages. This is my new way of sketching out a scene. It feels really right. Right now I’m working on chaos pages for the opening of R+S. I don’t want to introduce too many characters too quickly, but … Continue reading


little did he know

a post on subtlety Subtlety in prose is a fine balance of two things – beauty, and respect for the intelligence of your readers. When you reveal things, you want them to feel surprising, but also correct.  That sounds spectacularly daunting to me, but it’s something I want to attempt. The effect of finding out … Continue reading


Archetype intro

So yeah. That project I’m working on. Working title of Archetype, currently planning to have a series of 5 books. Wanted to give a little bit of an intro to the project without giving away all my secrets…boy do I hate spoilers. Don’t you? I started working on this project in earnest in November of … Continue reading



haze haze haze haze pulling my heart apart typing the start of a summer of light washing wings and pull from the right glaze glaze a frost a blaze carry on shoulders and choirs annoint herald the return of the exclamation point oh! this summer burns the ego learns to leave a charming voicemail a … Continue reading