Archetype: The Dragon

Months have passed while Mac, Destin, and Camille search for a way to rescue Jul’s soul from Below. Just one problem – how do you even get there alive? The immortals they’ve taken in aren’t any help. Gohei, the mysterious man who’s been locked inside a mirror for a century, refuses to answer their questions; Meredith has no memory of her past, and is still dead set on finding a way to kill Camille.

Meanwhile, Tailor has his hands full at the school. Investigators from the Umino Corporation have come to evaluate Rin’s progress with the students, and no one is entirely certain what standard they’re being judged by.

All the while, in the background, something dark is brewing within an unexpected source. A girl largely ignored will suddenly find herself a key player in the upcoming power struggle.

Can Mac rescue Jul? Is Rin going to lose control of Havenwood School? Is Hemlock really gone for good? And what’s become of Rhys and the broken orchard mirror?

Only one way to find out…

THE DRAGON – Archetype Book 2



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