excuses and Fear

It seems sometimes like the entire world is conspiring to demolish my free time. I keep trying to remind myself that once we finish painting the house, a large part of that will go away. Though it’s not the most comforting thing when I’m scraping wallpaper and realize an hour of work has only resulted … Continue reading


To Jean II

you didn’t teach me how to survive without you so I learned I learned by bricks, mortar, and clay wedged fingers into cracks, places belonging to vines and pulled myself along, snatching roots stealing life as I went they never noticed you never noticed I never noticed til it was far too late too far … Continue reading



Hi. I’m desperately trying to carve out more time for writing in the standard chaos that is my world. Ever notice how when you most want to accomplish a project, that’s the time when everything around you is screaming for your attention? It could be a chicken and egg problem. Which sounds like a cop-out … Continue reading