Day 2

Word count as of this morning: 2398

This is extra good. The official recommended daily word count is 1667, and my personal goal is 2000 a day, in the interest of trying to stay ahead. It makes me happy that on this first day, at least, I got in a solid head start.

I’ve already exhausted the chaos pages I had sketched out last week, but that’s ok, because in writing them out new things appeared to write about. I desperately hope this continues to happen.

Last night’s material was split between Mac and Tailor, who are currently slated to narrate chapters 3 and 4, respectively. Neither of them sounds exactly the way I want them to yet, but I’m consoling myself with the reminder that the only way to get them talking right is to keep writing them until it works.  Even Jul has gone through about 6 different major character/voice revisions over the years she’s been in my head. It’s incredibly rare for a character to sound right immediately, after all. ((Though it does happen. I’m looking at you, Camille.))

Mac’s material is somewhat confusing and very disjointed right now. There’s several scene portions in the document that will probably get moved to later chapters, but that’s ok. It’s more important that it get out of my head to make way for new things. It almost seems appropriate that Mac’s material is the most chaotic of my narrators so far.

True to his own personality, Tailor’s material has been very straightforward. He told me his chapter was only going to be one scene and assured me that it had enough content to fill the space. So far he’s been right. I’m really enjoying thinking about how to expand it tonight, because Tailor affords me the opportunity to really dig into what I guess could be called the ‘lore’ of my story.