structural integrity

Today I successfully compiled all of the scenes I’ve written for R+S into a single, chronological document. (Remember, R+S is shorthand for the fake temp title of book 1 – Rocket and Sunchoke.) This isn’t to say it’s ready for people to read yet. No, it’s got enormous gaping holes – they’re uh, between the … Continue reading



Day 3

Today’s word count: 4179 Wrote a little over 1700 last night, which is not as high as I’d like, but still good. And content is now spawning its own content, which is even better. The material that Tailor promised would yield a chapter has become two, the other half being given over to Camille’s custody, … Continue reading


breaking the silence

Rhys has been talking to me lately, courtesy of listening to a lot of MuteMath. For the last few months, when I’m driving around listening to music, imagining things, the people who move, the people whose faces I’ve seen, have mostly been Camille, Mac, Hayley, Kei, and Jul. But in the past week or so … Continue reading