breaking the silence

Rhys has been talking to me lately, courtesy of listening to a lot of MuteMath. For the last few months, when I’m driving around listening to music, imagining things, the people who move, the people whose faces I’ve seen, have mostly been Camille, Mac, Hayley, Kei, and Jul. But in the past week or so Rhys has broken his silence and pushed the others to the side.

When he has something to say, you can’t keep him out. ((It’s so like him.))

I’ve also been able to picture Gohei a lot more clearly, which is comforting.

The goal for this weekend is to turn chapter 1’s chaos pages into a proper readable draft. This means I have to finish chapter 1’s chaos pages. XD I’m getting back into writing on my lunch break, and it feels great. It ensures that writing happens at least once a day, keeping material fresh and constantly moving through my head.

I know it’s obvious, but it’s really encouraging to see the proof of the advice almost every other writer gives – that writing becomes easier when you turn it into a habit, something you do consistently at a certain time every day, even if it’s only for half an hour.

/cast iPod [MuteMath – Clipping]