structural integrity

Today I successfully compiled all of the scenes I’ve written for R+S into a single, chronological document.

(Remember, R+S is shorthand for the fake temp title of book 1 – Rocket and Sunchoke.)

This isn’t to say it’s ready for people to read yet. No, it’s got enormous gaping holes – they’re uh, between the beginning and the midpoint, and between the midpoint and the ending. *sheepish grin* Exposition kills me every time.

It’s good to see it out in the open though. Blaringly obvious flaws. It takes the elephant in the room and puts a tutu on it and sets it dancing. Try ignoring that. As I’ve still got several hours of consciousness left in me this evening, I think I’ll use them to edit a few scenes that have outdated material in them, but are totally keepers as far as I’m concerned. I’ve made a few decisions lately (read: got struck by lightning while driving) that have drastically changed/solidified several characters’ motives, and should therefore make them significantly less vague. Probably. I hope. If they behave. (Honestly, it works better if they don’t.)

Tomorrow’s goal is to add quick shorthand descriptions of the events that ought to be happening between the scenes I have written up, describing what will eventually be written into that blank space. This is in the interest of being able to give this very ultra green manuscript to a select few people who will be okay with the fact that Mac doesn’t even stay in the same tense half the time. (I may eventually let him stay in present tense all the time. Still undecided.)

Now my next great puzzle to stick in the back of my head: I have enough trouble with a character who barely speaks English, how am I going to write one that can’t speak at all?