This week has been pretty calm. Well, writing wise.

I’ve been relaxing with my shadow priest (she’s 90 now and fishing away), watching movies and tv, and starting back at yoga. (Boy is my neck glad.) Even though I intended to be totally non-writer this week, I can’t say I’m disappointed that I’ve been hit with a lot of great plotting ideas for the next books. I haven’t written any scenes or anything, but I’ve got pages and pages of notes for books 2 and 4, and backstory improvements. It’s pretty exciting stuff, and I can’t wait to dig into it!

Oh yeah, and I turned on the lights over at the Archetype Series site – it’s still pretty barebones, especially in the bios area, but a lot of that is on purpose. I don’t want to give away too much before the book is released, and I don’t want to fill the place with spoilers until its been out a couple months. Regardless, there’s still some juicy stuff on there. Please do check it out!

My best friend is moving to Texas tomorrow, which is a good opportunity for her family, but it SUCKS for me. I’m going to miss her a lot…thank goodness for the internet and smart phones. I’m glad to be born in an age where communication isn’t at the mercy of the pony express.