Final edits

Holy crap.

I can use those words. Final edits. I am in them. It’s the delta draft! I’ve gotten back good notes from a few people, enough that I feel confident to move forward with the last few bolts to tighten, the last few sheets to iron, commas to comma, and participles to dangle. That’s an odd word, dangle. It just feels…off…

Anyway. I have to the end of the month to make the manuscript polished shiny and DONE – formatted for realsies for all the right platforms – so that I’m not rushing at the last second to get it ready in June.


And then I can get kicking on the second one that my gamma readers are already mad I don’t have ready for immediate consumption…sorry about that, guys. But not really sorry. Anticipation is good for you! It fuels…um…SCIENCE! If you’re into that. Also, I feed on your suffering. That’s the real reason I’m a writer. /shrug

But yes – I have many plans for The Dragon rolling around in my head.  Some have already started knocking out. Which is a good sign! Big plans. Small plans. Dark plans. Sharp plans. Go, plans, go!

With any luck, I’ll have a cover for the Thief in the next week that I can start using for promotion. I’m excited to share it with everybody!

I’ve been listening to a lot of songs that make me think of movie trailers. I think my brain is making my own book previews. Look out for early chapters on soon, maybe even this week if I put my rear in gear!

Ganbatte, writer-san.