The Countdown: Formatting

T-minus 24 days.


Final edits are over.


Yup. That’s a real thing. I start on formatting tonight, getting The Thief all shiny and presentable for every e-book format out there.

If you missed it, the prologue is posted over at (!) Chapter 1 will post on Monday, with 2 and 3 coming the following weeks, leading up to the release date June 30! (!!!)

Tyler at is hard at work throwing together book tour stuff for me, which is ALSO crazy exciting, and I will post more on that as things develop.

Also ALSO exciting – getting the ball rolling on getting The Thief onto actual physical paper. Should be able to make that happen by the end of the year. So good news for those of you like me, who really prefer old school books. (I don’t own an e-reader currently…they just don’t SMELL the same…)

I’m reeeeeally looking forward to getting back into banging my head against the wall – I MEAN UM writing book 2, The Dragon. I want to knock it out before this time next year – and I know a few people who will be cracking the whip trying to make me turn it out sooner. The Thief took me two years to write, but a large part of that was world building, so with most of that in place I should be able to gain momentum. I’ve got cliffhangers to resolve, villains to make heroes of, and wallflowers to turn into main characters, and lore to expound on. Oh, and as usual, lives to ruin. It’s my job to make you love fictional people and then ruin their lives. Or wait, do I have that backwards? Hmm. Oh well.

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