impending doom


The world turns, the stars burn, and I’m nearing the end of a two-year endeavor and the beginning of something much scarier – releasing my fledgling brainspawn into the ether.

I’ve  set an actual title, set a date to finish the gammascript for my editors, and set an actual, real, for serious publishing date. So, that being said:

Archetype book 1: The Thief will drop June 30th.

This is a real thing that is happening, come hell or high water.

I have two weeks to connect the dots of continuity in my last eight chapters or so, then another week to go through and do overall edits, proofing for things like making sure I put Camille’s bracer on the right arm (her left), putting Mac in present tense, and making sure I don’t talk about Rhys’s eyes too much. (I just finished reading the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices books and if I hear one more time how blue Will Herondale’s eyes are, or how gold Jace’s hair is…*strangly motions*) Counterbalance, I should add in more descriptive language about other characters. The only ones who get many adjectives about their appearance are Camille, Rhys, and unexpectedly, Destin. (I think I have too much fun describing an expression you can only see half of.)

The back of my head is twirling with ideas for the next four books, and while it’s terrifying to think about finally releasing a real book I actually finished to the world, I’m also really excited to move forward and get my characters into new situations. I’m particularly psyched to get into some new people’s heads, and play around with the new allegiances forged by The Thief’s end.