Remedial scheduling

Serious, debilitating writer’s block the last several days. Wheeeeeeee

I have GOT to come up with something to knock me out of this rut. Historically I’ve often done better writing when I’m not at home – but this is difficult to accomplish during the week, as there are few places in Huntsville that are sit-at-your-laptop-for-hours friendly that are open much past 8. Things just close down early here.

It’s tough to generate a lot of words when you have a full-time job. This is not an excuse, just a statement.

I’m thinking I’ll have to come up with a drastic schedule change. I’m one of those people who enjoys spending a ridiculous amount of time preparing dinner, but that really isn’t feasible when you’re trying to focus on writing.

Lately, time works out like this…get home around 5:30 (6 if I went grocery shopping). Feed Spike, go for a walk. That’s 7pm, and when I get back from a walk I just want to sit in front of the TV with dinner and play video games or put on some Venture Bros. That can take up another hour or two, depending on when I can talk myself out of wasting time. Leaving me 2-3 hours of writing time, most of which I’m not terribly coherent for.

The obvious fix here is to switch out the gaming with the writing. To train myself to take my laptop out of the house after the walk, and put in a few hours writing. Then I can come back and use the incoherent hours for gaming.

The part that concerns me with this plan is the food. It means I either have to eat something fast at home before I go out (and most fast things are not healthy) or eat something while I’m out, which could quickly get expensive.

So. This leaves me with the mission of finding lots of quick things I can eat that are also healthy and not cost-prohibitive. And not monotonous either, because that quickly drives me crazy and makes me do things like spend 3 hours making lasagne from scratch (that was two nights ago). This could become a future post if I become successful at this.

Good habits are hard to cultivate. But otherwise, how would you get anything done?

Ganbatte, writer-san.

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