Grumpy writer is grumpy

Panera has the spaciest employees, at least here in Huntsville. I had zero confidence in the cashier’s ability to make my coffee after watching her punch ‘cash’ when I handed her my card. My assumptions were spot on – I have yet to find any mocha in this mocha. I think the universe is poking me this morning just to see if I’ll come back swinging.

Anyway, last night’s goal was to write out a list of all the scenes in the book – and grey out the ones I’ve already written. It’s a depressing 50/50. Granted, some of the ones I’ve left on the list as “unwritten” are in fact partially written. I just don’t want to check them off until they are full scenes. My initial assessment of “this is impossible” is probably correct…but I’m still going to see how close I can get.

Chapter 3 is done, and I’m halfway through edits on 4. 4 is ridiculously long, and covers a LOT of material. But I probably shouldn’t be obsessing over that at this stage, should I?

There are still a couple things on the scene list that I have no idea how they happen yet, notably the bit that collides Mac’s plot with Jul and Camille’s. I know that they DO team up, and I know WHERE the scene goes, but I have no idea what happens in it, and it’s driving me crazy. I’m trying to trust the inside of my brain and assume the perfect thing will burst out of my cranium Alien-style, probably while I’m writing something else.

So. I’m going to go write something else. Maybe see if I can get Tailor or Charlotte to cooperate with me.