Rawr and also rawr

Other than the obligatory family gathering on Monday, don’t mess with me this weekend. [scary face] I haven’t gotten more than an hour of writing in any day during the last week, and that’s not even remotely enough time to get into a groove.

I want to make serious headway and that’s only going to come with serious application of ass to chair. Scrivener has been an extremely helpful program for finding the plot holes that were stabbing the back of my brain. So yay for that.

Still have problems with proper setup of character alignment. I like to smudge the line between villainy and heroism and have characters play hopscotch with it. It’s also a goal of mine to surprise you. Ergo, vis a vis, concordantly, I may or may not be building myself too many red herrings. I dearly love them, but if *I’m* starting to get confused, then I may have gone too far.  I keep having to stop and remind myself that I don’t have to reveal everything in this book, since I’m planning on a total of 5.  Overcrowding is the death of exposition, and I can totally save some of it for book 2.

I won’t deny that part of my trouble comes from not having decided exactly what certain characters’ goals are – Gabriel comes to mind – but I’m slowly pinning it down and once I do their actions will be easier to determine. Rhys is another problem. I know his overarching goal, but the little steps he wants to take to achieve it – the things he’ll be demanding in this book (anything Rhys wants he demands) – are unclear. I’m of the school of plot that starts with character motivation and works backwards to the physical objects and actions that compose a proper plot. As far as I’m concerned, all objects are just little metaphors.

And it shames me to admit this, but at this stage of the rough draft I suffer from what I’m calling “the Twilight Problem”…which is that a clear threat doesn’t occur til the very end, and 95% of what I’ve got written down is people standing around talking. Mind you they’re saying really cool stuff, but I’m aiming for a bit more of people hitting each other. Some with swords. Maybe some ninjas.

When I think about the things I have planned…it’s very exciting. So I’m trying to hold on to that, when the process seems difficult. Because I want to share this story with everyone – and the only way to do that is to get it finished!