chaos pages

The primordial word soup I was talking about a couple posts ago has a name – chaos pages. This is my new way of sketching out a scene. It feels really right. Right now I’m working on chaos pages for the opening of R+S. I don’t want to introduce too many characters too quickly, but I have a nasty habit of doing that.  However! Thanks to a couple new plot points I’ve altered, a solution has presented itself. Accordingly, the first chapter will only introduce four people: Jul, Bea, Gohei, and Camille. Ideally it’ll be a good introduction to the Graham house as well, despite the fact that I don’t know all its secrets yet. But that’s ok. Doubtless they will present themselves as I go. Mysterious old houses are like that.

The real trick will be keeping Camille from being so surly she’s unlikeable. That’s just the fine line she walks. Heheh. I think the point of Gohei being there, though, is to keep that from happening. I had originally planned for a different character to serve as Camille’s guardian, but then it struck me that the house needed someone who was actually cheerful in it. XD

And let’s face it, who’s better for teaching surly people how to lighten up? ((I can only think of one, but she belongs to a very different story…))