I’m desperately trying to carve out more time for writing in the standard chaos that is my world. Ever notice how when you most want to accomplish a project, that’s the time when everything around you is screaming for your attention? It could be a chicken and egg problem. Which sounds like a cop-out to me.

To paraphrase one of my dad’s favorite sentiments: you have time for the things you make time for. #rawr #hashtaginblogpost

I’m participating in the first ever Camp Nanowrimo, in August, which is the summer offshoot of the yearly event that occurs in November, National Novel Writing Month. The intent here is to do both this year, as a means of boosting draft content for the book I’m working on. (More to follow on that.) The main point of this blog is to chronicle the lessons I learn as I’m writing it. I have enjoyed throwing my thoughts into the aether in blog form since college – and after a break I’m ready to get back to it.

Ganbatte, writer-san.